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Check in time on Saturday is anytime from 9 am onward. If your cabin has not cleaned yet you might have to wait a little. Our housekeeping crew starts to work at 7 am. Check out time is also 9 am.

Our boat-house, office and parking lot are at the north end of Aberdeen Street right on the Chapleau Lake. The cabins are reached by way of a 10 minute boat ride. Because of this boat ride, please be sure to arrive here at least an hour before dark, to give yourself time to unload and check in.

When you arrive at our boat-house in Chapleau, we will check you in. We will ask you to pay the balance either with cash or by credit card.

Then you will unload your gear into our large work boat which will take it all to your cabin. Your fishing boats will also be ready at our dock and you can use your assigned fishing boats to follow the boat with the baggage to your cabin. The distance from the boat-house to the cabins is two and a quarter miles.

During your stay with us you can use your fishing boats to easily get back to where your car is parked. You might want to do that to get supplies from the stores in Chapleau, have a meal at a restaurant or drive your car on a sightseeing expedition.

At the end of your stay we expect you to bring your baggage from your cabin to your car yourselves with your fishing boats. If you have a physical disability and cannot carry your baggage from your cabin down to your boat, we will of course be glad to help you. Simply tell us that you need help, on the evening before your departure.

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