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Our week runs from Saturday to Saturday.

Please remember that our price is quoted in Canadian Dollars. It is considerably less in U.S. Dollars. Check today's rate of exchange here.

A week's stay cost 650.00 Canadian Dollars per person. If your reservation was made before August 12, 2023 you will be billed 600.00 Canadian Dollars per person.

Included with the cabin is a boat with a 6-hp motor for each two persons and unlimited gasoline.

We have three larger boats with 8 hp motors that we supply without additional charge for groups with an uneven number of adults when more than two adults fish from one boat.

If two persons wish to fish from a boat with an 8 hp motor instead of a 6 hp motor, then an 8 hp motor can be obtained for an additional 200.00 Canadian Dollars per week, provided that one is available.

When you arrive at our boat-house in Chapleau, we will check you in and ask you to pay the balance either with cash or with your credit card. If you use U.S. money we will apply the correct exchange rate.

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, DiscoverCard and Canadian or U.S. cash.

Sales Tax of 13% is additional.

If there are young children in your group please enquire for a reduction.

Click here to make your reservation

Our invoice will show your balance in Canadian and in U.S. funds.

Shorter stays must fall between two Saturdays.

Do you prefer to use your own boat instead of ours? You are welcome to bring it but please note that our charge remains the same as when you use our boat. Also please consider that we do not supply free gasoline for a boat that you brought from home.

If you visit us from the United States please call the bank who issued your credit card before you head for Canada and tell them that you plan to use your card in Canada. To protect you, some banks decline the transaction if a sizable amount is suddenly charged outside the U.S.A. without notice by the owner. If that happens you can call your bank. The transaction is then approved.

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