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Boats - Motors - Unlimited Fuel
are Included with the Cabin

A 14-foot boat

This photo shows one of our 14 foot Naden boats. These are very stable, wide and deep boats. You will like them. They are equipped with swivel seats. Our standard motors are 6 hp four-stroke with forward and reverse shift and external fuel tank. A slightly more powerful 8 hp motor is available for a moderate additional charge. Please see our rate schedule for more about those.

Navigation lights are not supplied If you think that you might be on the water after dark or before daylight, please bring a clamp-on navigation light. Our fishing boats are not equipped for night-time use.

cudaclamp (20K) Our boats are equipped with swivel seats but if you plan to bring your own favorite seat, here is a bit of information that will make your seat work well on our boat benches. On our seats we use standard swivels and Cuda Clamps. At left is a picture of one. The Cuda Clamps lock well onto our boats' benches and the seat can then be positioned anywhere along the bench and moved without tools. You can buy a Cuda Clamp from Cabelas or most other boating supply stores. A standard seat swivel should be installed between your seat and the Cuda Clamp but your seat probably has such a swivel already.

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