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Squaring and Decking the Dock

How Our Docks Were Made

This dock design has not been tested by any engineering firm or regulatory agency. No guarantee is given that the dock is safe for use.

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1 X 6 boards make a nice surface

Now square the dock. Use the 6 - 8 - 10 method. Measure from one corner 6 feet one way and 8 feet the other way and make pencil marks at those spots. Then measure across the corner from mark to mark. The distance should be 10 feet. If it is not exactly 10 feet, pry the corner of the dock one way or the other.

To make adjustments, use a long crowbar. Pry only on the corners, where the steel protects the wood. Move the corners this or that way until you have 10 feet from mark to mark.

For decking, we use 1 X 6 boards. Pressure treated boards intended for decks works well because it resists rot.

Use 3 inch galvanized spiral nails to nail the decking boards. Nail each board with two nails at every floor joist.