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Putting in the Foam Billets

How Our Docks Were Made

This dock design has not been tested by any engineering firm or regulatory agency. No guarantee is given that the dock is safe for use.

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dock6.jpg - 25077 Bytes When the outer box is finished, put the foam billets into it. This is done before the floor joists are in place. Just lay the billets right on the ground. Make three rows of 2 billets lying end to end. In this picture you can see the centre row and the far row clearly. The nearest row is just visible through the gap. You will have to shorten 3 of the billets by about 4 inches to make them fit.

Next, mark the places where the floor joists will go. Make a pencil mark every 16 inches along the near and the far side, at the top of the upper 2 X 10. Then nail in the floor joists with 4-inch galvanizes spiral nails. Two nails at each end. The picture on the left shows how it should look.

dock7.jpg - 21349 Bytes This second picture shows how the foam billets are held in place.

The 16 short pieces of 2 X 6 on our material list are retainers. The centre row of billets requires 8 retainers, 4 for each billet so that the billets cannot move sideways. The outside rows of billets require only 2 retainers per billet since they are up against the outer box.

Fasten the retainers with two 4-inch spiral nails.

Now you can go for lunch.