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How Our Docks Were Made

This dock design has not been tested by any engineering firm or regulatory agency. No guarantee is given that the dock is safe for use.

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14 men trying to stay afloat
On June 1, 2004 the Dave Hunt and Gary Haney parties tested the buoyancy of the dock.

Dear Hugh

just dropping you a quick note of thanks for the dock plans posted on the web. We built it last summer at our property near Napanee Ontario and had a great summer of fun with the kids on the water. Also happy that it survived the winter in the water/ice in top shape.

Also built it in the water as we have no cleared shoreline and put the eight outside pieces together at the road, and marked the side pieces with pencil where the cross pieces would be placed. We drilled and fit the holes for bolts and fastened the bolts to the corner pieces on two of the sides.

We then carried those side rails down to the water and placed them on four billets, one at each of the corners where we then fit in the other four pieces of wood for the other two sides, fastened them, put in the cross pieces, and then with the help of my two teenage daughters, moved the billets into place.

Necessity is the mother of invention! Thanks very much for making your plans available on-line.

Paul Corey,

Useful Dock Building Links

The steel corners can be ordered from
this machine shop in Chapleau.

Leo Joki enjoying his new dock
Thanks again for the plans. Just wanted to show you my 12 x 16 dock.
Indoor outdoor carpet, gazebo. Hope the weather is decent.
Leo Joki
Lang Lake
Espanola, Ontario