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How Our Docks Were Made

This dock design has not been tested by any engineering firm or regulatory agency. No guarantee is given that the dock is safe for use.

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dock10.jpg - 18341 Bytes There.... not bad eh?
dock11.jpg - 24738 Bytes Before you bring out the beer, find some volunteers to put the dock in the water for you. You will need at least eight good men, ten is better.

Tell them not to lift the dock off the ground. Otherwise the foam billets might slip out of their retainers. Ask the fellows to lift only enough to reduce the drag and to slide the dock a couple of feet at a time.

Have someone count ONE-TWO-THREE-PULLLLLL.......

Now take the rest of the day off.

At this point I want to thank my fishermen customers who cheerfully helped me launch 11 docks in the summer of 2002.