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Making a 16 X 16 Floating Dock

This dock design has not been tested by any engineering firm or regulatory agency. No guarantee is given that the dock is safe for use.

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Unless you have the cutting and welding equipment, you will probably want to have these steel corner brackets made by a metal shop.

Any machine shop can make them. You will find the dimensions below. You can also order your corners from Superior Machine and Hydraulics Inc. That shop is here in Chapleau and has all the specs on file.

Superior Machine and Hydraulics will ship the corners world-wide if you desire. Consider though that the corners are heavy and that shipping them is not cheap.

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In case you are still in doubt what a corner with its sleeve looks like, here is a drawing of one. You are looking down at a corner which is standing upright at your feet.

The corner brackets are formed out of one piece of 3/16 steel plate bent in the middle to form a 90 degree angle. The pipe sleeve is welded on. Make sure it is welded on well.

Each wing of the corner bracket is 16 inches long from its corner to its ends.

The height of the bracket is 20 inches.

The pipe sleeve has an inner diameter of about 2-1/16 inches (two and one sixteenth).

The down-pipe (not shown) that fits into the sleeve is standard 1-1/2 inch (one and a half inch) pipe. It has an outer diameter of about 1-7/8 (one and seven eighths).

That leaves about 3/16 of play and is perfect for our purpose.

Each wing of the angle bracket has four 9/16 holes drilled in it. The holes are positioned as follows:

5 inches from the bend.
2 inches from the end of each wing

4-1/2 inches from the top
4-1/2 inches from the bottom